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Film Preservation Links
The Center for Home Movies
Home Movie Day's sponsoring organization.

Film Forever
The Home Film Preservation Guide. Includes tips on how to preserve your home movies on a budget.

Little Film
Information about home movie preservation, history and lab services. Written by Toni Treadway.

Association of Moving Image Archivists' Amateur Film/Small Gauge Interest Group
Group for archivists interested in amateur film preservation. Includes instructions on joining Smallgauge, a listserve for discussion of amateur and 8mm film issues.

Home Movies: A History of the Amateur Motion Picture Industry in the United States
A page dedicated to Alan Kattelle's book on amateur film history, including ordering information.

8mm Film Format Metadirectory
A comprehensive directory on all aspects of 8mm and super 8 filmmaking.

One Hundred Years of Film Sizes
A historical look at the development of amateur and professional film gauges.

American group dedicated to 9.5mm filmmaking.

Pathescope 9.5mm page (UK)
Website of Group 9.5, the British 9.5mm enthusiasts' organization.

Film Preservation Society (Japan)

Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia (Italy)
Italian Home Movies National Archive based in Bologna

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